STRIVE4U is a college advising service in the southern Maryland area that will inform, recommend and guide students in their college search process. Students in Grades 8-11 with definitive plans to attend college are appropriate candidates for STRIVE4U services. Advisement would be conducted by David J. Hamilton, a Certified Education Planner. For more information on this designation, go to

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Students who followed up with Mr. Hamiltonís recommendations on colleges and universities and applied were admitted at an 87% rate over the past five years. The nationwide admit rate to colleges is only 70%.

  • Students will learn the importance of making a "best fit" in terms of their college selection and in doing so, may help to make their college years a truly value-added experience.

  • Advanced or Comprehensive services provide information that will help students graduate sooner and cut down down on college costs.

Most importantly, students realize that the journey to college is just as important as the actual destination.

If you want to make your college search process a fun, educational and rewarding endeavor, click on the links found in the left-hand column and learn more about STRIVE4U. . .

 David J. Hamilton, CEP · Hughesville MD · 301.751.7759 ·  

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